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My Story. . . . 

I began my journey into the world of Calligraphy and Illustration many years ago. From a young age (6) I began to create my own lettering and fantasy worlds full of illustrations and unique lettering. I would spend hours creating characters and stories that would end up in hundreds of illustrations scattered around my room. My family joke that I would spend hours just drawing eyes, or hands to get them perfect!

I would continue my journey with drawing and illustration well into my teenage years and then into college and university. I studied Art through college and began to look closely at calligraphy and penmanship. I remember finding a feather quill and ink at my dads desk with a beautiful gold ink. I was desperate to understand and learn the centre old art of dip pen lettering and illustration.

I decided after college to further my studies in the world of art and went to Central St.Martins to study set design and stage murals. After a year of studies I realised I yearned to get back to my fine art roots and transferred to Bath School Of Art to study fine Art and Art History. This was the most incredible 3 years of delving into the arts of the Baroque era. This began my love again for calligraphy and fine pen drawings and sketches. I graduated and moved back to South Somerset.

This time was spent not knowing how I could begin again. I had left my wonderful life in Bath and felt a period in my life of emptiness. I started working within the wedding and events industry. This was the catalyst that lead me to where I am now. I began to understand that ether was a gap missing in the industry for calligraphy and illustrated props and stationery. So I started creating.........

I remember signing up to a wedding fair back in 2014 and not knowing what to expect. I created a few signs and props on my parents drive ( I had no studio space back then) and took them with me to my first wedding fair. From this myself and my partner Nathaniel received so much positive interest and then in late 2024 we began our wedding and event hire company Apple and Bramble Events.


I remember using my dads quill and some paint to create our first logo. From then we developed and began working with many couples and clients creating large events, weddings and bespoke signage and illustrated works. We took on a huge project with the PIG hotel, designing the signage and props for their Smoked & Uncut Festivals. This would span over years and we still work closely with them today. We expanded to a studio space and finally I had a creative studio where I began offering Calligraphy and illustration workshops and classes.


This continued for many years and with over 400 weddings and events we then took on our biggest challenge. We opened our own venue and styling studio in 2021.


We now run The White Barn wedding venue in South Petherton. Designed and built by us and now we can offer a creative and unique venue for so many wonderful couples. I work as a wedding planner and stylist at the venue and in my spare time work on some beautiful wedding stationery projects.

This has allowed me to design and work from a stunning studio at the venue.

My love for calligraphy and illustration has grown immensely through the years and I am so excited to take on some incredible new  projects.

I am always available to chat and discuss your requests. Im here to bring your ideas and dreams to life. Im here with my pen and ink and ready to take you on a creative journey with me.

Look forward to hearing from you


Beth x x 


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